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    4 Places To Find Free Moving Boxes

    removal 28 Sep 2017

    The one thing you’ll need when you’re moving house are packing boxes. This holds true whether you’re moving yourself or utilizing the services of a professional moving company. Good sturdy boxes help you pack things up very cleanly and efficiently. There are a few ways to get free moving boxes that we’ve seen customers use over the years. Below you’ll see our suggestions for finding free moving boxes.

    1. Local Stores
    Local stores and supermarkets get an absolutely huge amount of boxes in any given week. I used to work at a Big W store in my younger years and we had a trash compactor that was to be emptied multiple times per week. This added up to literally thousands of boxes every month.

    If you take yourself over to any of these local stores they are usually more than happy to give you some boxes for free. Just head on up to the service desk and let them know your situation. In the past some of our customers have received enough boxes to service their whole move.

    In our opinion this is the best way to obtain moving boxes for free. The benefit of ‘free’ is huge of course but you also get a chance to recycle these boxes. The best way to recycle is to completely reuse an item and this allows you to do just that.

    2. Gumtree
    While stores accumulate a lot of boxes they aren’t the only ones. A common situation is if someone has a large once of delivery. They may not be equipped like a local store is to compress and remove those boxes. In These cases people may opt to get rid of them on websites like Gumtree.

    Just head on over to the site and search for terms like ‘cardboard boxes‘ or ‘moving boxes‘. This will bring up a list that you can then refine by your local area. If you’re happy to pay a little for moving boxes than there are usually many people selling for very modest prices.

    If browsing on Gumtree doesn’t work you can always post a wanted ad there. Let people know you are looking for boxes, are happy to come and pick them up. You may get a call before someone decides to place their ad this way.

    3. Your Moving Company
    If you’re using an above average moving company boxes may be thrown in at no additional cost of the move. This is a good option because it means you don’t have to go searching for anything yourself. The same company moving your home will provide the boxes. The downside is environmental as we usually use brand new boxes for this purpose.

    4. Your Storage Company
    As with moving companies many reputable storage facilities will provide moving boxes if you sign up for some of their storage services. This is a good option to have the boxes free. Especially if you are using storage anyway, are moving in between houses or are just storing some items you won’t need for a while.

    So there you have it. 4 great ways you can acquire some moving boxes absolutely free. Our recommendation is to suss out your local grocery store, that is where you will have the most luck. In Australia we recommend the following stores to try first:

    – Big W
    – Bunnings
    – K Mart
    – Woolworths (usually smaller boxes but still good)

    Hopefully you enjoyed this article and found some of the advice helpful. If you need someone to help lift all those heavy boxes after you’ve packed them give us a call here at Removalists Sydney.

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