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    Moving Checklist

    Have you ever asked a family member of friend to help you move house? Most of us have at least once in our lives. Afterall that’s what friend are for right? After asking you’ll be familiar with the reluctant yes that all too often greets you. It’s completely understandable. The thing is, moving is a tough job. It always takes longer than you expect and there are always problems arising that you cannot possibly have foreseen.

    This is the reason we’ve made the below moving check list. By following these clear and concise steps you (and your friends) will have your move done quickly and efficiently with minimal headaches or fuss.

    One Month Before You Move

    • Set a firm date for your move. Keeping to a strict schedule will help you stay focused.
    • Get a free quote from us at Removalists Sydney. It’s good to know the costs so you can budget.
    • Order or collect boxes to pack, newspaper and bubble wrap. You can find a lot of this for free from local stores.
    • Arrange a garage sale or donate things you no longer use to charity. This is much more environmentally friendly than throwing things away.
    • Start packing all the items you won’t be using before you move. These can be sold at the above mentioned garage sale or market.
    • Mark boxes with their contents and final destination. It will make unpacking after you move a hell of a lot easier.
    • Contact the local council to arrange a rubbish pick up if you are getting rid of a lot of stuff.
    • Book a removalist at least 3 weeks in advance. Any good removalists will be busy well in advance to book an appointment asap.

    Two Weeks Before You Move

    • Confirm the booking with your removalist well before the moving day.
    • Organise time off work if possible for moving day. Being present and focused will help immensely.
    • Organise to redirect your mail through Australia Post. This can be done quite quickly and cheaply at any Australia Post outlet.
    • Schedule for internet and home phone services to be activated in your new property to minimise down time.
    • Finalise home and contents insurance to cover your new home from day one.
    • Notifying business and relevant people of your address change.
    • Book professional carpet cleaners/house cleaners to tidy things up. This will ensure you have your bond returned or your sales goes through settlement without problems.

    One Week Before Moving Day

    • Disassemble non-essential furniture (desks, shelves, etc.).
    • Throw out as much rubbish as possible.
    • Organise the connection of energy and other services at your new place.
    • Make arrangements for children and pets for the day of the move if necessary.

    One Day Before You Move

    • Turn off the fridge, freezer and washing machine to defrost and dry out.
    • Finish cleaning if you can.
    • Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials.
    • Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic bin.
    • Set aside boxes / items that you have decided to move yourself.

    On Moving Day

    • Start early and make sure the movers have the correct new address.
    • Keep your essentials handy.
    • Carry all important items with you (passports, cash, etc).
    • Double and triple check the house before you leave.
    • Follow the moving truck to your destination or, better yet, arrive before they do so they can begin unpacking asap.
    • Finally, relax into your new home 🙂

    Moving your home or office can be incredibly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The checklist above will help to keep you level headed, calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. With that and a supportive moving team from us here at Removalists Sydney you’ll be well positioned to have your move completed without any problems.

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