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    Piano Removals

    Let Removalists Sydney Handle Your Piano Removals and Other Specialty Removals

    Piano removals are probably the trickiest removals to accomplish, so we take extra care when we move one. There are many logistics to figure out when you need to move a piano and this is definitely a situation where every move is different.

    Of course, the first step to take is talk to one of our logistics specialists. These are the team members of Removalists Sydney who know how to remove a piano and set it up in its new space without damaging it. Depending on the size of the piano, they know how many movers are needed and what type of equipment is necessary to make sure that the piano and the walls of your home are not damaged from unsuccessful piano removals.

    After discussing the type of piano you have, our piano removals specialists will talk to you about the equipment they will use. This includes heavy duty straps and furniture dollies as well as padding and blankets which will act to keep the piano from getting scratched and your walls from getting damaged. Blankets and padding are wrapped around the piano, especially at the corners and then secured with packing tape.

    The piano keyboard cover will be secured and locked to protect the fragile keys. If that is not possible, the keyboard cover will be covered with padding and then secured with packing tape so that the wood is not damaged.  The piano will then be strapped to the furniture dolly and the movers will take it to the truck.

    There are four movers needed to complete piano removals, so it is a bit more expensive, but necessary as our removals specialists in Sydney will explain to you. (Some other heavyweight and bulky items will also need more movers during furniture removals Sydney). The piano will then be placed on the back wall of the removal truck and secured and leveled with wooden planks so it doesn’t shift during the move.

    Removalists Sydney will also have a piano removals specialist come out and measure the stairwells and hallways if necessary on the old location or the new one to make any necessary adjustments.  As you can see, our main goal is to make sure that piano removals run smoothly and are planned out to allow for any potential problems. We can also talk to you about removal storage if you don’t have room for your piano in your home but don’t want to get rid of it.

    We apply the same philosophy to antique furniture removals as we do to piano removals. We can accommodate the removal of oversized or fragile furniture that requires special attention and even talk to you about removal storage of antiques.

    The farther out in advance you plan for piano removals and oversized furniture removals in Sydney, the better off you will be. Even if you don’t know the final destination of your piano or a piece of furniture, we can provide removal storage for any one item short term while you figure it out. Call a Removalists Sydney specialist today for a free quote.

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