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    7 Tips For Making An Office Move A Breeze

    removal 14 Feb 2014

    Running a business can be challenging enough, but when you have to move your office, it can be a real aggravation to keep your business running smoothly while you move to your new location. Here are the seven best tips to follow that will make your move much smoother, and also keep your clients and employees happy!

    Tip #1: Talk to your landlord first. Your landlord should be the first person to notify that you will be moving. Remember, there are only two reasons for moving an office: either business is really good, which means you are moving up, or business in that location is bad and you are closing it down. Either way, you will take a lot of hassle out of the equation if you let your landlord know what is going on. They may have some solutions that you didn’t know about or they may sympathize with your situation because they have another tenant for your space. However you look at it, the landlord can make all the difference in how your move is carried out.

    Tip #2: As soon as you know where you are moving, let all of your clients know. This include old clients and even people you don’t do business with anymore. You never know how much business you lose when people don’t know how to find you.

    Tip #3: Have someone go through and take a written inventory of the office. This includes old files, furniture, computers, equipment, rented equipment, office supplies, phones, etc. Sell, return, store, or throw out anything that doesn’t need to be moved. This will save you on moving costs as well as clean out the old clutter in your office.

    Tip #4: Throw out all of the garbage. This includes broken equipment and furniture, old computers, dead plants, old paper files, stuff in the fridge, old promotional items and anything else that you don’t want to pay to move.

    Tip # 5: Make sure that all of your computer files are backed up. You should have one person in charge of your computers that can make sure they are all functioning and backed up. They should also take a computer inventory: including lap tops, mobile devices, and all of the wiring and accessories that go with them. A quality moving companies like Removalists Sydney can expertly dismantle, remove and set-up your computer systems – but not if they are in complete disarray.

    Tip #6: Get an estimate for the move. Once your office is in shape to be moved, you need to get an estimate from a reputable removal company that deals with offices. Removalists Sydney gives free quotes and we are specifically set up to work with commercial spaces. A representative can come out to the property, or if you are organized enough, give an email quote.

    Tip #7: Put each employee in charge of a specific part of the move and make a spread sheet. This spread sheet can be tacked to the wall and updated daily, so that anyone can see the progress of the move. Communication is the key to a successful and worry-free office move.

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