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    7 Tips For Moving in Bad Weather

    removal 21 Dec 2014

    Chances are, when you schedule a moving day in Australia, especially if you are moving interstate, you will encounter bad weather before, during or after the move. Here are some tips to make sure your move goes smoothly, even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

    Tip #1: Get all of your errand running completed way ahead of your move. A month before you move, you should have all of your supplies purchased. This includes all of the packing materials you need, cleaning supplies, and things like pet carriers – all purchased and organized. The last thing you want to be doing is speeding around in the rain trying to find packing tape and grocery store boxes to help with your move. It will not be a pleasant experience and make an already stressful move even more dramatic.

    Tip #2: Watch the weather the week before you move. If there are going to be severe storms and flooding, get mentally prepared for a more stressful move. Then think about everything you can do to make the move more waterproof and manageable in bad weather

    Tips #3: Don’t be afraid to make a few phone calls to ask about postponing. It probably won’t do any good, but it never hurts to ask the landlord if you can stay a few more days, or if the moving company can change the date. They may actually feel the same way that you do about not moving in bad weather, or they might not, but it never hurts to ask.

    Tip #4: Wrap everything in plastic that you can. Movers will have furniture pads, but they won’t have plastic. It is wise to make a small investment in some plastic drop cloths from the hardware store and some duct tape to wrap everything that might get wet – or have to sit outside – in plastic so that it doesn’t get ruined by the rain.

    Tip #5: Get the right sized boxes. A big cardboard box full of heavy books spilling out into the running water of a storm drain is not how you picture your move. Remember, only light things should be packed in big boxes and heavy things should be packed in boxes about the size of a microwave. All boxes should be wrapped as much as possible in duct tape to prevent them from totally falling apart if they get wet.

    Tip #6: Keep in touch with the drivers and always be in reach of a mobile phone. You may not be traveling with the drivers, but be aware that there may be traffic problems and road closures along your moving route. Being available is important so that you can keep track of where all of your belongings are and how everything is progressing.

    Tip #7: Get movers insurance and take picture of the boxes before you move. Always insure your belongings before the move in case there is a wreck and your items are destroyed. However, it is important to take pictures of any valuable items and then take pictures of the packed moving boxes before the move – to speed up any insurance claims.

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