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    Can You Trust Cheap Removal Companies in Sydney?

    removal 16 Jan 2013

    The answer as to whether or not you can trust cheap removal companies in Sydney is an easy one, and the answer is… maybe. As with anything you need to do more research. Of course when you hire any removal company in Sydney, you have to do your home work. Remember, these people will be taking your most personal possessions and removing them to another location in a truck. These are people whom you have never met and will probably never see again, so naturally you should be skeptical. However, with a little investigation and some common sense you will be able to trust a cheap removal company in Sydney to move all of your belongings with peace of mind.

    Here are a few questions to ask in order to confirm that a removal company in Sydney is trustworthy:

    1. Are they bonded, licensed and insured? The first thing to do to find out if a removal company in Sydney is trustworthy it to check their credentials. It doesn’t matter how long they have been in business, if a company doesn’t have a business license, insurance and the other necessary credentials, it is best not to use them.

    2. Are the moving men wearing uniforms? A salesperson can tell you that the movers have been with the company for years, but if they are wearing uniforms when they come to your house, then you know that they have had to be with the company a certain amount of time. Uniforms are an effort and expense that a removal company in Sydney will have to go to a lot of trouble to fake, so this is a more discreet way to know that they are legitimate.

    3. Does the removal company offer additional insurance to purchase from an independent agent? If a removal company in Sydney offers additional insurance from an independent agent, then you have less to worry about as far as damage to your property goes. Be careful to investigate the insurance agent separately to make sure that if something happens during the removal, they will pay the claim.

    4. Does the removal company suggest that you take care of moving irreplaceable items yourself? Irreplaceable items are things that are more valuable than what an insurance company will give you in a settlement. In Sydney, these kinds of items, like jewelry and top-of-the-line electronics, are easy to sell if they get ‘lost’ during the move. If you alert the removal company that you have irreplaceable items, a trustworthy company will tell you that it is wise to move these items on your own because they will not want the liability.

    5. Finally, word of mouth is the best way to find cheap and trustworthy removal companies in Sydney. Find someone you know of who has recently moved and ask for their opinion. They will be only too happy to tell you if they have been ripped off by a cheap removal company in Sydney.

    6. Do they offer a range of different types of services like interstate and office removals. The more reputable a company the more services they typically offer.

    In the final analysis, it is important to use your common sense and have a heightened sense of awareness on your moving day. This is because even the most expensive removal companies in Sydney are capable of losing or damaging your personal property.

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