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    How To Pack A Portable Storage Unit

    removal 07 Nov 2017

    The self storage industry is a massive one topping $1.1 billion in 2016. At that rate is it any wonder why there are so many new storage companies popping up all over the place. Over the last few years though a different type of storage company has emerged. That of the portable self storage unit.

    These companies offer self storage in a completely different sense. While traditionally you’d be expected to head on down to the warehouse to access your unit. They bring it straight to you on a truck and drop it off. That means you can pack all your stuff inside. Then, when you’re done, they’ll come by and take it to a secure location for you.

    Look, these services aren’t cheaper than the alternative but they are easier. That being the case you want to be as efficient as possible when packing the unit. Use these tips below to keep your portable unit packed as tightly as possible.

    1. Asses The Volume

    Go through your larger items and calculate how much square footage you’ll need for each. Combine this in a realistic fashion to assess approximately how many unit you might need. If in doubt, start with 1 and move up as needed.

    2. Become a Tetris Master

    No doubt you’re familiar with the fashion Russian video game Tetris. I spent hours playing it when I was a kid and the skills acquired served me well over the years. To stack your unit the best way possible you’ll need to do the same.

    All I’m trying to say is be efficient with space. Try to place smaller items inside larger ones. Line things up, stack them together. Don’t just go throwing things inside willy nilly. You are guaranteed to lose valuable space that way.

    3. Use Boxes

    I once helped a friend clean out his storage unit and was shocked at what I saw. He had laid stuff out completely loose all over the floor. Everything from newspapers to dumbbells just spread out. I estimated he could have had a unit half the size and still fit everything if he just stacked it properly. This would have saved him significant cashola!

    Part of the problem for him was that he had a whole slew of loose items. If he had just packed them into boxes they would have stored better resulting in more space, less clutter and an easier clean out.

    4. Use Straps Or Tie Downs

    Remember, your unit will be carried by truck from your home to the warehouse and back again. It may also be moved around the warehouse on a forklift from time to time. That means you want to try and secure your items the best way you can. That might mean using some rope or a truck tie down. Most units will have support structures you can use to leverage against.

    If you do decide to get a portable storage unit then I hope these tips help you to pack. If you need someone to help you move your stuff before or afterwards then give us a call.

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