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    How to Pack and Move A Bean Bag When Moving House

    removal 18 May 2017

    Recently we undertook a move in Sydney CBD for a rather large office space. A few days before the move we were called by the customer with a rather unusual question. After working through the issue we thought it was interesting enough to write a blog post about in case any other were wondering the same thing.

    How To Pack Large Bean Bags

    As it turns out the customers question was about moving bean bags. They had just recently purchased a set of colour coded extra large bean bags from Bliss Bean Bags and they were worried about them being damaged. Since they had been filled inside the office they were too large to fit out the doors as they were. One of our services is to offer assistance and guidance for moving day for exactly situations like this. We explained the following options:

    Option 1: Shrink Them Just a Bit

    It’s never a good idea to throw away a lot of foam beans as they can’t be recycled effectively. So, option 1 was to let out just enough beans that they could fit the bean bags through the front door. This seemed like a plausible option because they bags weren’t too much bigger than the door frames. We recommended they siphon off the beans into an industrial strength bag to be refilled later.

    Option 2: Completely Deflate Them

    Sometimes people just don’t want the hassle of moving the entire bean bag (although this wasn’t the case with our client above). If you aren’t using the bag anymore then its possible to completely empty the foam. As above we recommend placing it into some other storage bag if you plan on using it in the future. You can also give the foam beans away on GumTree for free. Someone will always be looking for the, and they will go quickly if offered in a capital city.

    Option 3: Do Nothing and We’ll Handle It

    Moving is a very stressful time and this leads to high levels of worry and anxiety for many people. In a situation like that it can be a relief to have anything extra taken off your plate. At Removalists Sydney we do just that by offering a full service solution. If you have cumbersome furniture such as bean bags simply let us know at the time of booking. We will come up with the best solution and do it all for you. Our quality work and guidelines also mean you can feel comfortable knowing we will take excellent care of your goods while moving from place to place.

    In the case of today’s office move we were able to alleviate the customers concerns totally by sticking with option 3. Our movers and trucks were able to accommodate the large bean bags without any modifications. If you need a quote for moving or would like to tell us about your experience with Removalists Sydney please get in touch on 1300 763 736.

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