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    Moving Is The Best Time To Redecorate

    removal 13 Sep 2017

    Here at Removalists Sydney we move a lot of offices and homes. Every month we conduct hundreds of moves covering everything from a single person in a 1 bedroom apartment all the way up to a large office space with hundreds of people. Needless to say we see a lot of different styles of homes. After doing all that moving something seems certain. If you want to redecorate the house with new furniture then you’ll never have a better time than right after your move. Here’s why…

    When you are about to enter a new living space your creativity will be flowing. Now, I’m willing to bet that you’re home is pretty stagnant. You’ve probably had the couch in the same place for years and the TV right across from it. This locks your brain into one way of thinking about the space and it becomes harder and harder to be creative. Here are another 3 reasons why moving is the best time to redecorate.

    1. You Can Get Rid Of Your Old Crap

    According to this post on BecomingMinimalist the average home has 300,000 items inside. I’ll say that again, 300,000! Now that might seem like a lot, and it is. Let’s conduct a thought experiment. List off 500 things that are in your home. I’d wager hardly anyone could do it. This means that the vast majority of items in your home you can’t actually name. How valuable are these things really if that’s the case.

    Use the opportunity you have when moving to downsize the amount of possessions you have. Start by cutting out the clutter and any items you haven’t looked at or used in the last 12 months. This will allow you an empty canvas to decorate in your new space.

    2. Different Layout

    Your new space will undoubtedly have a new layout. This allows you to experiment will all manner of different combinations with your existing furniture. Did you have the couch in the corner before? Then consider placing it in the center of the room in your next place. Was your bed flush up against the wall? Then why not place it in the middle of the room this time and really shake things up.

    3. Take Some Time

    It’s completely natural to want to get to unpacking as soon as you are in your new place. I’d recommend avoiding this compulsion and take some time to get to know your new space first. Only unpack the things you absolutely need and try to live like that for a few days. See how the place feels, what you like about it when it’s empty. Then as you gradually start to unpack you’ll have a good idea of the type of design you want to live in.

    A living space can become stagnant for even the most creative people. Moving is an exciting time so why not take advantage of it and consider a redecoration project at the same time.

    While we aren’t professional designers we are great removalists. If you are thinking of moving your home or office give us a call sometime and we can give you some advice or a quote.

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