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    What Information To Send Us Before We Quote

    removal 25 Jan 2015

    At Removalists Sydney, we want to give you the most accurate quote possible. That being said, here is some of the information that we will need to get you the most accurate quote possible:

    What is your moving date?

    This is the date and time that the van will pull up to your home and your belongings will be completely ready to be loaded and moved out. We need a firm date to give you the most accurate quote for removal. The more definite you can be, the more accurate the quote.

    What is the exact address you will be moving to?

    The city you will be moving to is a good start, but the neighborhood or exact address will allow for us to give you a better quote. For example: an apartment on the third floor with no elevator or parking may be more expensive than a home where the truck can pull right up in the driveway.

    How many rooms of furniture are you moving?

    Start with the number of rooms and then write down the basics like lounges, beds, tables, chairs, and other conventional furniture. Then move to things like bedding, dishes, toys, books, clothing, sporting equipment, and other personal effects. Include items from the garage, basement, shed, or other storage rooms separately. Appliances and specialty items will also be separate. We may ask you to email us a more detailed list as the dates and new address become more definite.

    Are you moving any appliances?

    Appliances are different from furniture in the fact that they are heavier to move and bulkier. They also require more manpower to move and more care. If possible, we will need to know the dimensions and weights of any appliances you may consider moving. We may also require a certificate of ownership if you are a renter.

    Are you moving any specialty items?

    Specialty items are things like pianos, pool tables, antiques or other irreplaceable valuables. Removal of cars will be calculated on a completely separate estimate. These items will have separate pricing and we may require you to provide proof of insurance before we can accept them.

    Do you have any restrictions as to when you can move?

    If you live in an apartment building or a gated community, we will need to know that you have cleared us to do the removal. This means unrestricted access to elevators and admittance to gated properties.

    After we receive this information, we can give you an initial estimate. This estimate will include manpower, moving equipment like dollies and padding, and any tolls. This estimate does not include extra fees for weigh stations or delays due to unforeseeable conditions like weather. This estimate will also not include insurance expenses. So give us a call or email today for a quote.

    Call us today Call a removalist For a free quote

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